iGIFmaker 4.2.0

It is the easiest way to create animated GIF from videos.

It is the easiest way to create animated GIF from videos.

iGIFmaker is a windows software that helps you to create animated GIFs when you are watching online videos. Convert video to gif animation file with high quality and fast speed,it supports most online video sites. It also can convert the video/animation files(e.g.avi, mp4, rmvb, wmv, swf,etc) to animated GIFs.

The following advantage may bring some amazing benefits for you.

- Crop the original video to remove the boring black-frame of movies when creating

- Set a new GIF size to produce a smaller GIF file size. It is helpful for you to post GIFs on internet.

- Add multiple texts on GIFs. Make GIFs seem like a new story whose director is you.

- Embed the text logo to protect your GIF to avoid illegal copying and downloading.

- Embed the text logo on your GIFs to advertise your website, your ebay shop, your product, etc.

- Proved programing make image has best possible quality.

- The created GIFs theoretically has no time limit or frames limit.

- Insert static image or animated GIFs before/after any frame.

- Change GIF speed to create 'slow motion' or 'fast motion'. Make your published GIFs more interesting than normal.

- Compared to other online video-to-GIF service, iGIFmaker is a window software on your computer. It always works well for ever, but online service may stop working when plenty of simultaneous requirments.

- One Click Uploads to image hosting sites

- Minimal footprint on system resources, low CPU and RAM.

- Create the SMALLER GIF file than competitors



iGIFmaker 4.2.0

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